Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Meeting!!!

We are going to squeeze our first breastfeeding support group sponsored by Alabama Lactation Support in the month of September! It will be on September 30th at 9am at Cahaba Lily Park in Helena (please click the link for directions and pictures of the park). There is a large playground and swing area away from busy roads. The big kids will be able to run and play as moms and professionals get to explore the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding and supporting nursing mothers. There are clean bathrooms located at the park and pavillions for the meeting. Of course we may all end up on a blanket in the grass with the kids.

The topic of this meeting will be mainly a meet and greet of those who attend. We will also be talking about the resources available in the community to nursing mothers. I will be forming a list here on this blog of those resources and encourage anyone to add new resources as they are discovered.

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